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View some of the many amazing transformation testimonials here. Most of them began just like you, watching the testimonials of other people before taking action, booking a consultation and now happy to give a testimonial of their own! Don’t delay, call or email TODAY!

Supersize Kids
Supersize Kids - Channel 4, Sky TV Documentary
Sky TV interview with the Juice Doctor
Healing Rooms
Food Junkies

I lost 8lb in the first week and just kept losing more - I was so happy!

I was depressed,waking up late and feeling very unmotivated and very tired before I decided to book an appointment to see Erran. I had my scan which revealed a lot about my body that I didn't expect to see, but all made perfect sense. He kept re-assuring me that everything that came up was all reversible so I started the program immendiately. I lost 8lbs in the first week and just kept losing more every week without even going to the gym - I was so happy!

Rachel 23

Lost 1.2 stone in under 3 weeks


My children all just want to juice now and look as radiant as mummy!

Doing this program has really helped me to get my health on track. I'm not a bad eater or have a particularly poor diet, but what I've learned on this program has greatly improved my ability to eat more healthily and maintain my skin and hair. The weight loss was an added bonus that I was plesantly suprised to experience, especially as it happened so quickly and without effort. My children have also benefitted as my new regime has sparked a 'healthy' new curiosity. They all just want to juice now and look as radiant as mummy!

Claudine, 42

Motivational Speaker/Entrepreneur

I got my diabetes under control, plus I'm no longer tired all the time anymore!

I had stopped taking my medication, was feeling really sluggish and constantly tired, but desperately wanted to get my diabetes and blood pressure control with natural methods. A friend recommended me to see Erran so I booked an appointment and had my scan at the Bromley office. He didn't have the 2nd office in Thornton Heath yet otherwise I would've happily gone there. I have since completed the program and lost a stone in weight, brought my blood pressure right down, got my diabetes under control plus I'm no longer

Ken 54

Civil Servant


I never thought I would ever be able to feel as good as I feel now!

I was literally sick and tired of being sick and tired! All my organs were breaking down from my liver to my lungs and everything in between. All the medication I was taking seemed to be making me progressively worse. Meeting Erran and doing his Lifestyle Change Program was such a God send. I never thought I would ever be able to feel as good as I feel now! I’m so grateful for the program, the patience, support and genuine care I received while getting my health and my life back.

Paulette, 43


My skin has never glowed so much and the compliments just keep flooding in!

I was quite worried when I first saw the results of my scan, as I was only 23 but had so many things wrong with me. I was keen to fix everything so didn’t waste any time in getting started on the program. The difference was very noticeable right from the first week, as I felt all the impurities being cleansed out of my body. I felt so much lighter with much much more energy! Since finishing the program my skin has never glowed so much and the compliments just keep flooding in. I’m much more confident and feel so so happy!

Ebony 24

Trainee teacher


I sleep so well now and will never look back!

I knew things weren’t 100% right inside me but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. When I did the scan I was not surprised to see so many issues flag up around my bowels, stomach and liver. Erran kept assuring me that everything was reversible so I didn’t become overly worried. My IBS is now gone, along with a stone of excess baggage, my cravings and my love of Magnum Ice cream! I sleep so well now and will never look back!

Jackie, 55


See how our products have also helped

Even my Doctor couldn’t believe how low my blood sugar levels had come down!

Diabetes & Backpain

Dr Sebi’s products were quite expensive so I was happy to find a reasonably priced product / program to help eliminate my pain. I feel on top of the world now that the pain has completely gone

Diabetes & Arthritis

I lost just under a stone in 30 days! Now none of my trousers can fit! I have so much energy and am feeling great!

Weightloss & Energy

I can even now run to church! And my wife can’t believe it either!

Weight loss & Energy

My hot flushes were out of control! I tried everything but the Menovate product had me sleeping comfortably through the night by day two! Empowering!

Sleep / Hot Flushes

Previously everything was an effort. Within 24 hrs I felt the effects of the products, by 72hrs I felt like Superman!

Aches & Pains

I finally found what I was looking for, and the benefits of the products are spot on!

Weight loss, Sleep, Energy

I used the Total Detox and Oxi Flush products and found them great for cleansing the body, and I now have my concentration and focus back!


Simply mind blowing!... The scan accurately detected all the things that were going on in my body!

Bio Scan

The program changed my life! My eyes and skin started to glow!

Bio Scan, Lifestyle Change Program

I was blown away by the scan, I took charge of my health and it’s affordable!

Bio Scan

We’ve been trying for a baby for years! Started the program in February and was pregnant by March! We welcomed our healthy baby in December!


The program was tough but in the first week I was in instant recovery! I have rewired my whole system thanks to the program

Bloating, Depression, Weight Loss

My left leg has always been problematic, but now I cannot even remember what that fees like, thanks to Total Detox!“ (SOS Advanced)

Multiple Sclerosis

Total Detox will challenge you but the outcome ensures your optimum health! If you want optimum health choose Go Juice Detox!

Multiple Sclerosis

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