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Blood Cleanser Plus


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Natural Solution


Feel Revitalised


Removes Toxic Remnants


Packed With Antioxidents


Prevents Cell Damage


Helps Fight Illness


  • heart-antioxidents   Boosts Immune System
  • heart-antioxidents   Increases energy
  • heart-antioxidents   Improve disease fighting capacity
  • heart-antioxidents   Helps relieve itching
  • heart-antioxidents   Assists essential removal of toxic impurities

Blood Cleanser Plus

The life is in the blood. When you detoxify and purify the blood you remove toxins, fungus, bacteria, and viruses from the bloodstream which supports healthy living. When you increase the iron content in the blood you greatly improve your immune system and health, resulting in better concentration, more energy, greater oxygen production and better sleep. 

Key Benefits:

  • Increased natural iron content
  • More oxygen production
  • Better red blood cell formation
  • Eliminates anemia
  • Helps with sickle cell anemia
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased energy
  • Better all round health

Our Iron rich liquid mineral formula to help cleanse and nourish the blood, improve skin and boost immunity.

Blood Cleanser Plus helps to cleanse the blood, lymphatic system, and fat cells of waste and toxins; assists with clearing up skin, improving the appearance of the skin and contributes to achieving optimal overall health.
⦁ Helps to fight toxins and poisons in the blood, lymph, and fat cells*
⦁ Cleanses and nourishes the skin*
⦁ Helps to bring the body back to optimal health



Blood Cleanser Plus Herbs That Purify Blood

The herbs listed below have been used in herbal remedies for centuries to purify blood naturally. Though they are natural they should be respected and taken in the prescribed amounts. You should consult with a health care provider if you are concerned how the herbs will interact with your body. Many herbs should not be taken during pregnancy and if you are pregnant or nursing you should consult with your health care provider before taking herbs to purify blood.

Burdock Root

Burdock root’s compounds strengthen the liver, and is a diuretic that forces urination to help the kidneys remove toxins from the body.


An algae that contains a lot of chlorophyll that binds to heavy metals and removes them from the blood. Heavy metals cause damage to cells and cause illness and aging.


Compounds in cilantro bind to heavy metals and removes them from the blood. Heavy metals cause damage to cells and cause illness and aging.


Dandelion promotes bile production to break down fats so they can be used for energy. Bile also excretes waste products of red blood cells from the body, and destroys harmful microbes found in digested food. Dandelion is also a diuretic and forces urination to flush waste from the kidneys.


Sarsaparilla is a diuretic and forces urination to flush the kidneys and is used by herbalists to treat liver and skin conditions.



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