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Glory Edward PCOS - Body MOT Scan


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Our Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) treatment is tailored to each individual’s circumstances, helping you to control your symptoms.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a whole-body hormonal imbalance that affects a woman’s ability to ovulate. It’s surprisingly common, affecting up to 26% of adult women.

Women with PCOS typically have irregular periods. Their hormonal imbalance means they show signs of excess androgen hormones too, such as acne, excess facial/body hair and thinning of hair of the head. Some women with PCOS also experience weight gain and infertility.

If left unchecked, PCOS can contribute to the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.


Do you live with PCOS and struggle to understand why you have certain symptoms and how diet can help to improve them

Have you been told that it may be beneficial to get some blood tests checked but you are unsure which tests you need to request from your GP? 

Have you been reading that women with PCOS often have chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and high levels of androgens but are unsure what that means in practical terms? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the supplement advice out there on social media but are unsure which ones you should try and at what doses? 

Then you are not alone!  PCOS is a multi-faceted condition that presents differently in every woman. Sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle when you have PCOS. You may feel that your doctor isn't listening to you or confused about the mountain of conflicting information rife online when it comes to diet and PCOS.  You may even feel that you've reached your wits' end since nothing has worked for you.


How is it diagnosed?

A woman needs to meet two of the following three criteria to get a diagnosis of PCOS:

  • Irregular periods or no periods at all
  • Excess androgens, identified either via symptoms or through a blood test
  • Small ‘cysts’ on the ovaries, as shown in an ultrasound

What are the causes?

There’s no single cause of PCOS, as hormonal imbalance is triggered by different things in different women. There are a few underlying factors:

Insulin resistance. This is one of the most common drivers of PCOS. It’s typically brought on by a high-sugar, low-fibre diet.

Inflammation. This can also drive hormonal imbalance. Chronic, underlying inflammation can be caused by poor gut health, food sensitivities, infections, toxicity and more.

Stress. Some stress hormones are also androgens, which means they can also drive PCOS. Stress can be physical, mental or emotional.

The oral contraceptive pill. Coming off the oral contraceptive pill can cause a temporary surge in androgens, leading to ‘post-pill PCOS’.

How to test?

PCOS is a clinical diagnosis, which means it’s identified by its symptoms. However, there are a few tests that can help to provide more information:

Blood tests to look at levels of hormones such as testosterone, DHEA, DHEA-S and LH

A glucose tolerance test to assess insulin sensitivity

An ultrasound to look at cysts on ovaries

Remember: these tests alone cannot diagnose PCOS. For that, you have to meet two of the three criteria listed above.

Conventional treatment for PCOS

Conventional treatment for PCOS focuses on managing symptoms. This may include:

The oral contraceptive pill. Confusingly, although the oral contraceptive pill can induce PCOS, it’s also given to mask its symptoms. Some forms of the pill can suppress androgen hormones—but they’ll surge again when you stop taking the pill.

Spironolactone. This is another drug that can suppress androgens, reducing symptoms such as acne and excess hair. It does nothing to restore ovulation.

Metformin. This common drug corrects insulin resistance, one of the key drivers of PCOS. It may improve ovulation in some women.

Although all these drugs can help to reduce symptoms, they don’t address why PCOS has developed in the first place. That’s where the Functional Medicine approach can be transformative.

Our approach to managing PCOS

Here at the London Clinic of Nutrition, our nutritionists and Functional Medicine Practitioners take a multi-faceted approach to tackling PCOS. This may include:

  • Optimising diet to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Supporting gut health to reduce inflammation
  • Reducing toxicity to encourage hormonal balance
  • Minimising stress through lifestyle tweaks
  • Using targeted supplements and herbs to support hormones further

Our practitioners take a thorough case history (and recommend tests where appropriate) to determine the underlying causes of your PCOS, and tailor the approach to your needs and circumstances.

Rather than merely masking your symptoms, our goal is to restore your hormonal balance—enabling you to get over PCOS for good.



Here's how we can help you:

  • Guide you with a step-by-step plan made just for you.
  • Empower you with lifelong knowledge on how to manage your PCOS.
  • Help you discover exactly what’s been holding you back from taking charge of your PCOS symptoms once and for all.
  • food intolerance scan- most women with PCOS will have a nutritional deficiency that needs correction.
  • Identify the root cause of your PCOS symptoms and provide you with strategies to overcome this.
  • Advise on a tailored supplement regime.  We will give you information on the right types of supplements, the dosages and the brands.
  • Get clear action steps on what will work immediately to get you to your goal
  • Provide you with meal and snack guides.




Benefits you will get when you work with us:

  • Weight loss.
  • Improved skin (boils, acne, skin pigmentation, skin tags)
  • Grow hair in the RIGHT places and NOT in the wrong places.
  • Improved ability to conceive.
  • Reduced cravings.
  • Improved energy levels.


If you want any of the above results, I know that working on your nutrition is the solution to reversing your PCOS symptoms. Here’s the link to book your FREE strategy call where we can discuss in detail how working together will help you achieve your goal.



Get in touch

We're here to help you find the best way to address your concerns if you have been diagnosed with PCOS.

We offer a range of appointments in-person or online. Of course, with our virtual, online clinic, you’ll receive the same exceptional service from your expert Functional Medicine practitioner as you would seeing us at our London clinic.


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