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Immune Support Booster Kit -Basic



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Natural Solution


Feel Revitalised


Removes Toxic Remnants


Packed With Antioxidents


Prevents Cell Damage


Helps Fight Illness


  • heart-antioxidents   Boosts Immune System
  • heart-antioxidents   Increases energy
  • heart-antioxidents   Improve disease fighting capacity
  • heart-antioxidents   Helps relieve itching
  • heart-antioxidents   Assists essential removal of toxic impurities

Our Immune Support Combo is a specially assembled arsenal of tools and supplements formulated to support the body's natural defences and keep your immune functioning at optimum levels 

The body is designed to naturally defend itself against invasion from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens via the immune system. The ability to do so greatly depends on the strength and condition of the immune system. A healthy immune system is a formidable fighting machine and your greatest asset during any period of adversity.

Below is a list of key tools and resources identified to help boost and support the bodys' natural defence against foreign invaders. You can click on the item for more details. **Items 1-5 are included in the Basic Kit. Items 6-12 can be purchased separately or in addition based on affordability 

Disclaimer: These products are in no way intended to diagnose or replace medication. If you are sick or feel unwell contact your GP or seek medical advice.  

  1. Respirate Lung Support
  2. Nano Zinc
  3. Liquid Vitamin D3
  4. Immune Support
  5. Liquid Oxygen
  6. Vitamin C Complex
  7. Multimineral & B Complex
  8. Elixir of Life
  9. Liquid B Complex
  10. SOS Advanced
  11. Oxi Flush
  12. Eye Mist

1. **Respirate:  Essential Oils are renowned for their potent anti-viral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They truly come into their own in times like these and are simply a must-have for every household. Our powerful natural essential oil blend greatly assists the entire respiratory system and function.  At the first sign of any symptoms simply splash or rub a couple of drops into the palm of your hands, cup them around your nose and mouth then take seven deep breaths in through your nose.  You can also rub a drop on your chest during the day and on the ball of your feet before bed at night. Also sprinkle a few drops on your pillow or add 10 drops or more to an essential oil diffuser to inhale the soothing aromas throughout the night. Breathing deep into the lungs overnight is a great way to calm, soothe and in some instances, totally eliminate chesty problems.  Great for asthmatics, hayfever and elderly family members.

Best used with our Ultrasonic diffuser./humidifier Sold Seperately. Click on the image below to purchase diffuser


2. **Nano Zinc: Zinc is a vital mineral that your body uses in numerous ways. In fact, zinc is the second-most-abundant trace mineral in your body - after Iron- and is present in every cell.  Zinc is necessary for the activity of over 300 enzymes that aid in metabolism, digestion, nerve function and many other processes. In addition, it’s critical for the development and function of the immune system. Body growth and development relies on zinc because of its role in cell growth and division. Zinc is also needed for your senses of taste and smell. Because one of the enzymes crucial for proper taste and smell is dependent on this nutrient, a zinc deficiency can reduce your ability to taste or smell. Our Nano Zinc supports greater absorption of this essential mineral due to the ultra small nano particles that are more easily absorbed by the cells

3. Liquid Vitamin D3 in Hemp Oil:  Vitamin D3 has a protective effect on the body by regulating the immune system, maintaining blood calcium and phosphorus levels to promote healthy growth and remodelling of bone. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and thus requires dilution in an oil for optimal absorption. Our vitamin D3 is super concentrated and dispersed in Organic Hemp Seed oil to enable maximum intestinal absorption. Studies suggest that your immune system depends on the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds are a great natural source of polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids. They have about a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which is considered to be the optimal range. 1 drop of D3 delivers (5mcg) cholecalciferol 50% of the EU RDA. Optimal dosing is with breakfast on food or in juice. Vitamin D is also thought to be involved in the following functions:

  • Promotes calcium absorption in the intestines
  • Proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of cells
  • Affects neuromuscular function and inflammation
  • Positive effects on the immune system

4. **Immune Support - Provides powerful support for immune defences and aids balanced immune function. It is a great winter supplement to help support immune resistance and recovery from common winter ills. The powerful immune and antioxidant benefits of Echinacea, Thyme and Marshmallow provide broad support in the body for faster immune response and greater general health and wellbeing. Recent research shows that high quality Bee Pollen provides broad spectrum support for health, and has potential therapeutic use in the areas of: Immune health, Antioxidant protection including for age-related conditions, Antioxidant activity for cellular health, especially important for athletes, liver health and healthy aging. Modern scientific research also confirms the protective properties of Bee Pollen can provide significant support for human health.

5. **Liquid Oxygen:  Highly oxygenated cells are very difficult to infect or be penetrated by viruses. The more oxygen the greater the resistance to disease or infection. Liquid oxygen is an efficient way to help supply oxygen to the cells and entire body. Having high oxygen levels in the blood helps significantly boost immunity and provides more energy for everyday function.  

6. Vitamin C Complex: Our Mega C formulation contains Camu Camu extract which is a concentrated form of the powder, containing only the highest active Vitamin C components of the plant. The Camu Camu berry from the rain forests of South America contains the unrefuted highest form of natural Vitamin C on the planet. It is further enriched with sodium ascorbate and MSM to ensure your body not only receives the highest most potent dose of Vitamin C but also the greatest absorption, with remarkable results

7. Multi Minerals & B Complex: Our Multi-mineral Super Formula is a great tasting liquid multi-formula that is unsurpassed in its beneficial nutritional performance, potency and absorbability. It is a complete nutrition formula, vegan and gluten free, and delivered in a delicious blend of exotic fruits. The liquid delivery system means it is easily absorbed. Our Multi-mineral and B Complex formula provides 156 nutrients blended in a whole food base of exotic fruits and hearty vegetables! Each recommended serving (1oz) provides more than 30 Antioxidants, 14 Vitamins, 16 Herbs, 18 Amino Acids, 75 Plant Derived Trace Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids. It is also Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Vegan. 

8. Elixir Of Life:   Natural earth mineral powder formulated to greatly help improve all round health, while helping to remove parasites, heavy metals and impurities from the blood. This 100% natural mineral formula contains 15 essential minerals that contribute to almost every vital organ function of the body. It helps the body produce collagen which is great for bones, joints and arthritis. It also helps reduce sugar cravings (in adults and children), whilst providing rejuvenating nutrition for hair, nails and skin

9.  Liquid B Complex: B Vitamins are under-rated but extremely beneficial in boosting immunity. They provide energy to cells, assist formation of healthy new red blood cells and greatly support metabolism to increase uptake of nutrients required to bolster immunity. There are so many advantages to having a good level of B Vitamins including good digestion, healthy eyesight and brain function as well as promoting healthy appetite.  The liquid delivery system means it is easily absorbed with greater bio-availability to the blood

10.  SOS Advanced: Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, non-toxic, super immune boosting formula, effective in both chronic and minor illnesses. The nano-technology delivery system represents a quantum leap in delivering natural, effective botanical ingredients to the body for quick lasting results. SOS Advance helps support blood related issues such as; Viruses, Blood pressure, Growths, Tumours, Parasites, Candida, Athritis and Immune related problems. The high PH is ideal for alkalising the body and helping to reduce symptoms in a wide variety of ailments.

11. **Oxi-Flush: 70% of our immune system is in the gut, which is where all the food and associated toxins end up. Wherever we can help remove toxins and waste accumulating in the colon, it releases occupied immune cells to sure up defences and intensify the fight against opportunistic invaders. Our Oxi-Flush is a gentle, yet extremely fast and powerful way to help cleanse the colon, reduce bloating, increase energy and support much greater health all round.

12. Eye Mist: Resist the temptation to touch or rub the eyes, putting yourself at risk.  Instead use our soothing spray. Eye Mist is a natural effective way to help clean and protect the eyes. Can be used daily to help prevent infection, itching and eye irritation. Can also be used to reduce inflammation and irritation caused by dust and insects due to the refreshing and soothing action. Antibacterial nanoparticles  help destroy bacteria and certain fungi on contact by disabling the enzymes that are necessary for their survival. This prevents the bacteria from multiplying and growing, providing a safe, natural and easy way to care for your eyes. 

**: The discounted package price of consists of the first 5 products only. (1-5)

Key additional or recommended products would be numbers 6, 7, 8 and 10 for maximum protection


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